Smart Phone Adapter Acuter

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Remove the rubber eyecup from the eyepiece, you can simply pull it down.
♦ Attach the smartphone to the adapter with the rubber bands. The camera must look exactly through the hole in the adapter.
♦ Then simply put the smartphone with the smartphone adapter over the eyepiece and fix the position with the two clamping screws.
♦ You can now focus with the telescope and see the object already on the screen of your smartphone and can take pictures or videos.
♦ Photographs of the moon and the planets are just as possible as nature shots, for example of insects and animals.
♦ Application tip from Teleskop-Service: Use a long focal length eyepiece for weaker magnification, ideal is a focal length between 15 mm and 25 mm.
Fits cell phones with max dimensions of:

• 3.25”(82.5mm) width • 0.5”(12.7mm) height (thickness)


• Iphone 6S Plus

• Iphone 6S

• Iphone 6 Plus

• Iphone 6

• Iphone SE

• Samsung Galaxy Note 7

• Samsung Galaxy 7

• Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge