December 23, 2021

Christmas Hours

Hello Everyone


So here we are once again – at the end of another year… and it feels like we got to this point much quicker than usual somehow!


Leading on from the unprecedented and unpredictable times 2023 brought. 2021 didn’t disappoint in that area, and certainly delivered us a few surprises of its own! I’m sure that 2024 will also keep us on our toes and have a few surprises up its sleeve to keep us all entertained! 2024 is going to be another exciting year and I’m sure that, with the same level of enthusiasm and hard work, we’ll see it prove very successful once again. There certainly are some more exciting times to come!

 As mentioned, 2023 has been another successful year, with robust sales and growth  - an incredible result, particularly when considering the uncertain and challenging times experiences by all. This could not have been achieved without a strong network of dedicated, enthusiastic, resilient and hardworking dealers. So, THANK YOU, for all your efforts and hard work in making it all happen, I hope that as a result, you’ve had just as much success this year too.


As you know Blaxall will slow down from today, with no shipping now until we reopen week of 8th January. If you do have any queries or orders to place, please continue to send them through as normal and we will reply / process orders at the first possible chance.


I hope that you all will have some time off over the festive period, to celebrate with family and friends, and recharge for what is sure to be another cracker of a year in 2024!


From all of the team at Blaxall, thank you for all your support throughout 2023. We can’t wait to do it all again with you in 2024!

July 16, 2014

Email and signup interruption

Have you signed up or sent an email to Blaxall in the last few days (Friday 11/7/14 to Tue 15/7/14), and have had and email bounce back or not had a reply? We have had some issues with our email server which have now been fixed; we will be processing the online activation requests today (Wednesday) 16/7/14)