MiniAZ Goto Wifi with tripod AZGTI

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ky-Watcher MINI AZ-GTi Mount

The MINI AZ-GTi Mount – Wi-Fi controllable with iOS and Android and compatible with SynScan hand controller, allowing it for smooth tracking and alignment. Use Wi-Fi to control the telescope wirelessly with your mobile device; smartphone or tablet.

Download the SynScan App from Google play or the App Store.

This mount is also available in three telescope kits, featuring the 102mm maksutov-cassegrain, 127mm maksutov-cassegrain, and 130mm reflector.

MINI AZ-GTi Mount Features:

Wi-Fi controlled (iOS and Android)
Go-To via SynScan free app
Freedom Finder dual encoder
DC12V voltage.
5kg load capacity.
1.3kg Mount Weight.
DC Motor.
Dimensions: 14cm x 9cm x 14cm.
WI-FI Capability
Connect the mount to the SynScan App and control your telescope wirelessley with your mobile device.


Portable tripod (3/8″ screw connection)
Accessory tray
Snap cable (2.5mm audio jack)
216 extension pier