Konus Motor-130 W/ Electric Focuser & Red Dot Finder Telescope

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About this product

  • Ideal telescope for beginner astronomers
  • 130mm aperture in a compact, transportable tube
  • Electric focuser and R.A. motor drive tracks objects
  • 1000mm focal length helps provide high magnification
  • Multi-coated lens helps provide crisp, clear images

Konus KonusMotor-130 Telescope is been designed with exclusivity, the maker of this product offers a triple advantage to it that makes it distinguished from the many range of telescopes. Konus proves its stand in this market by introducing this model with the distinctive optical quality and the mechanical ability, all for obtaining exciting astronomical adventure. The so-called triple advantage model is relating to its large aperture, compact structure and the high magnification power, all put together it delivers images with high resolution and a never seen before experience.

Purely for the astronomical purpose is this device being designed. With the user, level of beginners to the intermediate the telescope can be used to observe the planetary, star formations, the Nebulae and the galaxies. The Solar can be observed with the help of the additional accessories like the sun filters.

Objective lens:

Quite impressive is the aperture of this model with 130mm this denotes the diameter measurement of the objective lens. The higher is the value the larger is the device and in turn the better is the performance with the better light gathering ability. Possible to view even during the dim light conditions, the images observed are been picturised brighter and clearer than before.

Focal length and the Focal Ratio:

They are 1000mm and the ratio of f/8, they make the construction of the model compact and they determine the quality of the images. In case the user desires to object even the smallest detail then one has to opt for better and higher focal length.

Mount and the Finderscope:

Konus  KonusMotor-130 1786 Astronomical Telescope consists of equatorial mount and the RA motor drive. It is quite a common but efficient combination that supports the telescope with the perfect stand. It offers an undisturbed viewing of the celestial objects and with the help of the RA motor the moving objects can be easily tracked and is best for projects, study and the assignments.

Finder scope:

The Red dot finder scope is been embedded to assist the user to locate the desired celestial objects. It also makes it simple for the user to follow the movement in case of continuous observation.


With the high magnification ability this Telescope also been assisted by 2 Plossl eyepieces that measures 10mm and 17mm. These eyepieces help to enhance the magnification power of the telescope and hence the user is at the privilege of penetrating the deep puzzled sky further.

Package contents:

Konus, the manufacture of this product makes it available to the user with the package contents of 2 sectional metal tripod, Red dot finder, Moon filter, Electric focuser, Moon and Sky map, 2 Soft Carrying case, CD Rom with astronomical software “Sky Explorer” and the Instruction Booklet.

Features of Konus Konusmotor-130 Telescope:

  • Multi coated mirror
  • equatorial mount with R.A. tracking motor
  • electric focuser
  • red dot finder

Package Contents:

  • Konus Konusmotor-130 Telescope
  • eyepieces: Plossl 10mm and Plossl 17mm,
  • moon and sky map
  • two soft cases for carryng the telescope
  • one "Sky Explorer" software in english
  • instructions
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