Detector, Metal, GC3080, Underwater Detector (04/Outer) +


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Brand: Gold Centry


1.Detection depth: :18cm

2.Detecting depth for underwater: 10m

3.Power supply: 8 pcs of AA batteries

4.Current consumption: 16mA(stand by current)

5.Operation temperature: -10~+50°c

6.Adjustable handles:104-124 cm

7. Size of search head: 10 inch

8.Weight: 1.8kg (approximate)

Features: 1.Can be used underwater at the depth of 10 meters; 2.Adjustable sensitivity control; 3.Adjustable volume; 4. Red light and audible alarm; 5.Automatic low voltage alarm,replace battery when LED is flushing and alarm is ringing continuously; 9.Adjustable handles for comfortable use;

Used for: 1.Ideally, GC3080 is a very superior tool for under water treasure hunting, operator can explore their targets at beach, sea, fresh water and so on;

2.In the public security field, it can be used for underwater material.

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