Telescope, 458mm, 18", Newtonian, Dobsonian (Collapsible), Manual, Stargate Series, Skywatcher !


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Diameter : 458mm
Focal Length:1900mm
Focal Ratio : F4
Heaviest Component: Primary Mirror = 12kg
Total Weight=50kg
30 minute easy set-up by 1 person

Part 1 of 4
Cubic: 0.207m3
Weight: 30000g
Size: 745x785x355

Part 2 of 4
Cubic: 0.205m3
Weight: 10000g
Size: 700x690x425

Part 3 of 4
Cubic: 0.164m3
Weight: 27000g
Size: 745x280x790

Part 4 of 4
Cubic: 0.118m3
Weight: 22000g
Size: 1070x505x220

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