Tripods & Mounts, Counter Weight with Bar for Star Adventurer, Skywatcher !


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This Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Counterweight Kit is an accessory for the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mount. The stainless steel counterweight shaft attaches to the Star Adventurer Dec Bracket (sold separately) very easily, and it is used to counter-balance a heavy payload. One end of the steel rod is threaded to fit onto the Dec Bracket, which is attach to the Star Adventurer mount. The other end has a stop screw and washer to prevent the 1kg counterweight from accidently falling off the rod.

The weight can be positioned along the entire length of the rod as necessary in order to properly balance the payload. Then a knob can be tightened to hold that weight securely in place. The model S20540 Star Adventurer Counterweight Kit by Sky-Watcher is made to balance your camera or other payload so the mount will track smoothly and accurately.


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