Tripods & Mounts, EQ, Go-To, HEQ5 (Pro), Skywatcher !


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Mount Type: Equatorial Go-To
Slow-motion Control Hand Control
Counterweight(s): 2 x 5.1Kgs
Piggyback Bracket: n/a
Accessory Tray Yes
Ground Board Diameter: n/a
Ground Board Weight(s): n/a
Motor Drive: Built-in
Go-to: SynScan
Tube Dimension: n/a
Tripod Height: 97-121cm
Tripod Weight: 5.6kgs
Pedestal Diameter: n/a
Pier Diameter: n/a
Wheels Diameter: n/a
Shipping Weight:

Part 1 of 2
Cubic: 0.065m3
Weight: 18g
Size: 1262x227x230

Part 2 of 2
Cubic: 0.034m3
Weight: 11g
Size: 430x430x184

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