Telescope, 80mm, 3.1", Refractor (ED Doublet), OTA (No Mount /Tripod), Black Diamond, Skywatcher !


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] Telescope, 80/750 ED DOUBLET SDPRO!The Black Diamond 80 ED is a modestly wide-field telescope offering bright, wide swaths of sky in a single view. It is well suited for wide-field astronomical observation of prominent nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies from a dark-sky location, or can be used as an astrograph for sky photography. As a terrestrial spotting scope or telephoto lens, the Black Diamond 80 ED_Ñés performance is absolutely superb. Ultra high contrast allows the subtlest of details to be easily scrutinized under conditions of good seeing. The petite silhouette of the Black Diamond 80 ED makes for an excellent compact, portable telescope that travels light and fits in a small space. At about 50-power structural detail becomes apparent in our solar system_Ñés gas giants like Saturn and Jupiter. The Moon also exhibits striking crater detail along the lunar terminator.


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