Telescope, 120mm, 4.7", Refractor (ED Doublet), OTA (No Mount /Tripod), Black Diamond, Skywatcher !


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Telescope, 120/900 ED DOUBLET REFRACTOR! Observing with Black Diamond 120 ED The additional aperture of this telescope provides a dramatic increase in resolution and a heighten sense of seeing lunar and planetary surface phenomenon in seemingly 3D-like high-definition. Tight globular star clusters like M13 in Constellation Hercules appear like a beehive of crisp stellar pin points, star upon thousands of stars deep into the objects core. In Deep-space, rich aggregates of stars within Galaxies, Nebula's, and open clusters appear brilliant contrasted against a very dark velvet black background. The wispy, delicate, feather like structure of dust lanes and extension of glowing gasses can be seen reaching out far beyond the objects core.


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