TEX, Synscan Hand Controller Version 4 !


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A replacement Hand Controller for Synscan compatible mounts. The v4 shouldn't be considered an upgrade to the v3; if your v3 hand controller is broken the v4 can replace it, but no additional functions have been added.

The SynScan V4 GoTo hand controller provides easy, computerized location of thousands of night sky objects, planets, nebula's, star clusters, galaxies, and more for viewing through your telescope. The SynScan hand controller, combined with the optical encoders and electronic drive motors of your GoTo mount, allow you to automatically point your telescope to a specific object, or tour the skies with push-button simplicity.The user-friendly menus allow automatic slewing to over42,000 objects and stars. Even inexperienced astronomers will quickly master SynScan_Ñés intuitive features and functionality.


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