Telescope, 80mm, 3.1", Refractor (ED Doublet), OTA (No Mount /Tripod), Equinox, Skywatcher + OUT OF STOCK

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The Equinox 80 is another excellent choice for birding, nature study, and photography. Its fast, high-contrast optics and generous field of view make it an ideal instrument for studying larger clusters and star fields, and it is a proven performer for astrophotography ‰ÛÒ you can even use it with a common SCT focal reducer to achieve speeds down to f/4.5! But don‰۪t be afraid to push up the magnification, too. Its crisp optics make it a strong performer on tight double stars, and it provides crisp, clear lunar and planetary images with no image breakdown, even at 150x.Optical Design ED RefractorDiameter 80mmFocal Length 500mmF/ratio F/6.25Highest Practical Power 160xFaintest Steller Magnitude 12.2Resoving Power 1.45Focuser diameter 2‰۝Tube Weight 2.98KgsTube Dimension(dia. x length) 105*540


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