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Rubiks Cube ëå, Lego ëå and add a pinch of personality = the Armadillo Cube TM it will reintroduce the nostalgia many felt back in the 80's - but with a different twist! WARNING: Contains levels of extreme difficulty. The Armadillo Cube is a 3D spatial puzzle, where the player resolves 12 colored edges rather than the 6 colored faces of a traditional cube. However, there is another twist- the center tile has 4 colors. With the edges mastered - try resolving the edges to the respective center tile colors. This added complexity will make a quantum physicist sweat and send you to puzzle heaven (if you can do it...) For those that are mathematically minded there are 2,048 times more possible moves than the traditional 3x3 cube! Made a mess of the puzzle? The pieces can easily be reset as the outer pieces click on and off like Lego ëå allowing you to start again.


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