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The LX800 German Equatorial Mount with StarLock from Meade is a robust portable German equatorial mount for advanced amateur stargazers, researchers, and astrophotographers. This computerized mount, counterweight, tripod, and autoguide system is engineered to handle a 90 lb instrument payload and delivers precise alignment and guiding that are unrivaled at this price. Constructed from machined stainless steel and aerospace grade aluminum, the LX800 is a durable and extremely stable platform designed for years of accurate movement.AutoStar II GoTo software makes setting up and observing celestial bodies both user-friendly and relatively easy. Over 144,000 objects are pre-loaded on the AutoStar handbox, all stargazers need to do is enter the moon, artificial satellite, planet, star cluster, or galaxy of their interest on the AutoStar handbox and the mount will automatically slew the telescope into alignment so the object appears in t

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