TEX, OTA, 304mm, 12" LX200R with UHTC Meade !


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Meade now brings to market a sophisticated catadioptric optical design favored by research facilities worldwide at a price many enthusiasts can afford. Most professional applications are this style telescope or a gargantuan apochromatic refractor. Meade's 12.0" LX200R with UHTC coatings provides a deep space aperture in a size that can be transported within a typical vehicle by a single person, and gives all this in a complete package within reach of many an observer. Optical Design Hybrid catadioptricOptical Lens Diameter 12.0" (305mm)Focal Length 120.0" (3048mm)Focal Ratio f/10.0Maximum Useful Magnification 750xResolving Power 0.38Optical Coatings UHTC Ultra-High Transmission CoatingsOptical Tube Dimensions 13.6 x 25.0" (34.5 x 63.5 cm) WxLEyepiece Barrel Diameter 2.00" (includes 1.25" adapter)


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