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The LX80 Multi-Mount Tripod With Audiostar from Meade features operation in three modes: either as a German Equatorial Mount (GEM), as a single OTA Alt-Azimuth or as a dual OTA Alt-Azimuth. Setting up in any of the three modes is quick and easy. Tapered roller bearings in each axis ensure precision performance. The mount can carry a total payload of up to 40 pounds in the GEM mode or the single OTA Alt-Azimuth mode and a hefty 75 pounds in the dual OTA configuration. The mount weight itself is 35 pounds. The height adjustable tripod, from 30.5" to 47", features built in leg levelers at the top of each leg and wide 2" diameter stainless steel legs for confident stability. The tripod weighs 31.5 pounds. The latitude range in the polar mode is 25 to 90 degrees. - Includes two RS-232 serial interface ports - AudioStar controller with 30,000 celestial objects - Mount configurations; German Equatorial, single Alt-Azimuth or dua


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